About Us




 You can’t come to Colombia without tasting some of the best coffee in the world. But finding that excellent locally-sourced cup may be harder than you think.
Born in Colombia, raised in New York, Nikol and Julian (owners) upon moving back to their home country came to understand what was first said.
Many of the coffee shops, restaurants and hotels in Cartagena were serving “pasilla”, instant, or comercial coffee found at the convenience stores. Honoring the Colombian phrase, “casa de herrero, cuchillo de palo.” Meaning, in the house of the blacksmith you’ll find wood knifes.
A leisure trip to the Coffee Region of Colombia, became an inspiration for a business idea. After meeting coffee farmers and tying some delicious coffee, they decided a change needed to be done.
They started sourcing locally creating long lasting relationships with farmers, paying stable all year-round prices and over the price (not for fun, but for awesome coffee reassuring quality at all times), roasting small batches carefully to serve fresh and tasty coffee with sophistication in an eclectic approach; combining tradition with innovation. That’s how Época ("Era") was born because the Era of coffee was “then” and is “now”.